• The GameShark is a tool for modifying the play of video games, by unlocking various game modes and objects, usually for the purpose of cheating. The GameShark works by changing numbers stored at specific locations in a game's memory. Because of this, new GameShark codes can be created to affect essentially any part of a game. A GameShark code consists of a memory address followed by a value to put in that address, in hexadecimal. Most GameSharks have the ability to find the location in memory of any value so that one may discover new codes. For example, if you are playing a first-person shooter and have 10 rounds of ammunition and want to change this to 255 rounds, you would normally activate your GameShark's menu system, and tell it to search the game's area of memory (RAM) for the number 10, which is "A" in hexadecimal. Usually this will turn up more than one memory location, so you'll need to change the value being searched for, for example by using up some ammunition, and then use your GameShark once again to search the group of locations found last time for the new value. Eventually, you will have it narrowed down to one location (some codes may involve many more locations) and the GameShark will report the code for that location. In this case, assume it is "01FFA202". In our example, "01FFA2" is the memory location and "02" is the value stored therein. Now we want to set our ammo to 255 (the maximum value that can be stored in this size memory location), so we change "02" to the hexadecimal version of 255, which is "FF". The GameShark then uses this code.

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