• I am Baptist, and I will tell you what I believe. I am Baptist enough to know that no one can tell you "what Baptists believe" except to tell you that Baptists believe in interpreting the Bible for yourself. There are a number of points of broad agreement among Baptists, and this isn't one of them. Some do not allow any spoken participation by women in public worship, some allow varying degrees, and some make no distinction between men and women at all, even to ordaining women as pastors. I fall in that middle group, and I will point you to an article by Wayne Grudem as being the most Scripturally reasonable positon I know of:
  • Just a thought, however a pastor is to interpret the Bible for us, not ourselves. That is why God calls Pastors to preach.
  • Most Baptists would probably be against it. There is no hard fast rule for figuring this issue out. It is well known that women should not usurp authority over men. Based on this principle most would then try to determine if public prayer during a worship service would cross the line. Most would never allow a woman to preach for-sure. Some churches err on the side of caution (so to speak) and just don't let women pray during service. Others allow it to happen.
  • +5 I am Baptist and most churches like to relagate women to teaching each other or children or being pastors wifes. It does not bother me at all because I am there to worship God and not worry who says the prayer
  • 1 Corinthians 11:5,shows women praying in church and doesn't condem it.Paul is saying for the woman not to asurp authority over the man.Are not to have leadership role.Like preaching,or deacon or teaching of men and elder.

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