• The scene where Dorothy and the Scarecrow discover the Tin Man. At the end, they join arms, sing their song, then turn their backs to the camera and start up the yellow brick road. Quick! Look to the top of the road, and there you will see... a large, dark, slender figure swaying a little. It sort of looks like a person for a second, but it's actually a large bird: a crane. It even opens its wings one time before the fade out. No one knows how this became the rumor of the suicide stage hand.
  • not with the tinman and scarecrow and witch THAT IS A BIRD
  • When they are walking through the orchard ... behind the crab apple trees
  • That is a brilliant question! But the answer is no-where!
  • The hanging is in fact a large bird, which is what i've always known it to be since I was a kid. I was later told it was a hanging and proved it to be false by replaying it. Anyone who has seen it on the big screen can also confirm it is a large bird. There is another supposed hanging in the Munckin scene, but that one is absolutely ridiculous and obviously just another dancer.

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