• One possible answer is "not very well". Check this recent article by Clint Van Zandt, in which he suggests that they mostly waste law enforcement resources:
  • From what I have read and understood, they don't. A profiler has a better chance at finding someone with the family's background information, than someone rubbing their temples.
  • This would depend on whether the person was a medium/psychic or just a psychic. Psychics most of the time visualise a place and may not have any idea of where it is.Some may "hear" these answers.Having said that nothing is "concrete" every psychic person is different and nobody seems to work in the same way. A medium would use their spirit guides and/or their psychic ability pending on what "comes through". There is a saying amongst some mediums in the UK "All mediums are psychic,but not all psychics are mediums".Mediums work as either Clairvoyants "Clear seeing" Clairaudiant "Clear hearing" or Clairsentient "use of the senses feeling,emotions etc. Some have all three gifts. Colin Fry the English TV medium a few years ago gave evidence of a lost woman who's body was found in the Lake district. Not surprisingly he was closely questioned by the police of his knowledge! Every so called "psychic" person has a responsibility and one of those should be not to waste police time unless they really have a remarkable gift.Leave it to the professionals,profilers and the "psychics" who do get results working with Police.
    • Venus1485
      Psychics nd mediums don't exist.
  • If a "psychic" found someone they would be a good guesser.
  • cause of their psychic gifts, they can tell the police where the people are
    • Venus1485
      Psychic abilities don't exist.
  • There are no genuine psychics. Only frauds claim to be psychics. They cannot help anyone, except themselves by taking money by scamming.
  • cause theyre psychic so they might know where someone is
    • Venus1485
      They're frauds who waste time if anyone is naive enough to listen to their rubbish.
  • There are no true psychics. so they can't help anyone do anything. They're just frauds.
  • cause they have the gift of knowing where someone is
    • ReiSan
      They have no real gifts.
  • That's simple! They don't!
  • cause they can predict where they are

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