• R2D2 ws named for the location of his voice in te studio archive. When deciding what sounds he shoukd make, the makers of Star Wars were reviewing several different options and finally settled on Dialect 2 (D2) from Reel 2 (R2). And so R2D2 was born.
  • In-continuity, C-3PO and R2-D2 got their names from the factories/droid firms where their model types are made. R2 is the kind of droid R2-D2 is (an R2 Astromech droid), and 3PO is the kind of droid C-3PO is (a 3PO Protocol droid). The C and D2 parts are the individual unit designations--C-3PO is 3PO protocol unit C. Every 3PO protocol droid in the Star Wars galaxy has 3PO in its name, plus a prefix individual designation. X-3PO, TC-3PO, and so forth. Same for R2's. So when Luke and Han call them are-too and threepio, they are calling them by the equivalent of their "last names", sort of like gym coaches. Heh.

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