• Take it from someone who has experienced this pain...there really is no relief from it. You can try oral anesthetics like Anbesol, or take anti-inflammatory pills such as Ibuprofen/Motrin IB. Also, soaking the area in warm, salty water is sometimes helpful to releive the pain. But in most cases, these effects are only temporary and won't keep you releived for long. Don't use anything like ice...that will only intensify the pain from the temperature extreme. If you feel you must try ice, then wrap it in a rag and hold it on the outside of your cheek. Same goes for warm salt water...make sure the water you use isn't too hot, because the extreme in temperature will be very painful. If you are experiencing this pain on a constant basis, that doesn't necessarily mean that they are ready to come out either. They may only be starting to come in. I first experienced pain from my wisdom teeth when I was 14 years old, which lasted about 5 weeks. They didn't actually come out until I was over 20 years old. If you haven't already done so, go to your dentist and get x-rays taken, and ask him/her what they think you should do. Many dentists may say 'just live with the pain because its temporary', but I know from firsthand experience that this pain can last for several weeks. If your dentist doesn't give you any kind of solution to the pain, then go ahead and use the methods above. Anbesol may not be useful unless you apply a large amount, so use that in conjunction with the Motrin. I recommend Motrin over any other pain releiver, simply because it is specifically designed for inflammations. If you don't have access to Motrin, regular aspirin may suffice, but I recommend a stronger aspirin, such as Bayer. In a situation that you can't get a hold of any medication, there is one other thing you can do, though I highly recommend against it. If the pain is intense, clamp down on your jaw. Don't grind your teeth, but just bite down hard. The pressure of your jaw locking together will actually temporarily releive the pain, but like I said, DON'T do this if you can avoid it. You will inevitably grind your teeth, which will create more problems for you. As an alternative to direct biting, you can place gauss between your teeth so that they don't grind together while you clamp down. If you find that the motrin and anbesol aren't working, try massaging the area. Be very gentle, since too much pressure will irritate you further. Take your finger and lightly rub it in a circular pattern around the enflamed area of the gum. If its too much of a bother to do from inside your mouth, then use the same technique, but do it outside the mouth on your cheek. You will have to apply more pressure since your cheek is in the way, but don't over do it. And don't massage too much, since the constant poking may irritate you even more. The bottomline is that Wisdom tooth pain is inevitable and can't be avoided. The best I can tell you is that Motrin and Anbesol used together is probably the best solution. But since you may have this pain for quite some time, be sure not to overmedicate yourself. Only use it when you really need to, such as when you first wake up, when you are going to eat, or before you go to bed, so that you minimize the chance of you waking up from the pain. If you have any other concerns about wisdom teeth, check out It is a decent resource and if my answer didn't help you enough, then i'm sure you'll find something there that you can use.
  • get them extracted, simple as that
  • When I'm haveing wisdom tooth problems what can I eat? I havent really ate since I start haveing problems with my wisdom teeth.
  • Take an advil gel capsule break it and use it as a mouth wash on your wisdom teeth. That helps much better then warm water and salt. Rolly
  • Probably right, if they are still painful once they are above the gum line, they are probably growing in crookedly and will cause issues later on.

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