• No George Washington never fathered any children. However, he adopted John Parke Custis and Martha Custis, his wife's (Martha Washington) two children from her first marriage to Daniel Parke Custis and later also adapted two of her grandchildren.
  • George Washington fathered no children of his own. (Probably). In 1759, he married Martha Dandridge Custis, a widow with two children Washington adopted Custis's two children . There is a story that George Washington fathered his one and only child through a slave. The only evidence is the two hundred year old oral history of the family of descendents of West Ford, a slave belonging to Washington's brother. The story appeared in print in the 1940's but didn't get much attention. Interest was revived in the 1990' due to the Jefferson-Hemmings story. There is no hard evidence and most "main-stream" historians feel that "There is some ... evidence suggesting that West Ford may have been the son of another member of the Washington family,” The story is contradicted by the long held theory that Washington was sterile due to smallpox, or the treatments used back then to try to cure it, or one of the other many diseases he had which can also cause sterility or even due to a genetic condition which some medical historians say he shows evidence of having. ( Martha was pregnant at least 4 times in her first marriage of eight years, not once in the 40 years with Washington, for what that's worth.) During his lifetime there were rumors that Alexander Hamilton was Washington's illegitimate son, but these were started by political and jealous enemies. Hamilton was of born illegitimately born in the West Indies and Washington ahd visited the Indies, but at least three years before Hamilton's birth.
  • I don't think so but maby... and changed there names. This could be his kid.
  • "Although most of this time was dedicated to his private affairs and family life with his wife, Martha, and her two children, Washington continued to participate in public life. He was elected to the House of Burgesses in 1758 (after being twice defeated) and served several terms. He viewed the growing disputes between Great Britain and her American colonies with deep concern. He was not a political firebrand, stirring orator, or cloakroom deal maker; but he impressed his peers as a modest dependable man of strength and good sense." Source:
  • He had no children of his own but he raised his wife Marthas from her first marriage.
  • No and now you know why
  • no he did not have any children you dig
  • Do I lose any points by saying that George Washington was, after all, "the father of his country"? :]
  • no he was a bitter virgin
  • "Despite great successes in his military and civilian life and his central role in the creation of the world’s most enduring democratic nation, George Washington likely suffered from male infertility and harbored great personal sadness about his inability to father an heir." Source and further information:
  • yes it was very seacret his name was james george washingtons wife died giving bith to himi have a reliable source

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