• If it says "Disc Read Error" keep ejecting the tray in and out, and eventually the laser will give up giving you false errors and read the game flawlessly afterwards.
  • Your laser is out of alignment, and won't focus on the disc properly. If it's under warranty still, get it seen to, or else there are tutorials on the internet as to how to adjust the laser. I had the same problem on mine, but it was intermittent depending on the game and condition of the disc. I adjusted the laser and now it works like a charm.
  • what about the laser,How do you fix the alignment?And what about the white rubber thing?Its like grinded off.How would i get another one cuz ive shifted to anotha country and i cant get it fixed..
  • But what if it plays flawlessly up to a certain point when it just stops? Then what? Obviously it's not the lazer.... Nor the drive.... And the game is in good condition... What's up with that then?
  • I have the same problem and so far have no answers to this mystery.
  • dude mine does the same thing. my dad took it apart and saw some things not connected and my dad plugged them back in and it worked almost fine just some games still were perfect and it wouldent work
  • Get a new PS2. Or have someone skilled with the inner workings of the PS2 take it apart and look at it.
  • well either u have 3 games and like there damaged.. or ur ps2 is messed up.. if u care about ur playstation2 that much i would get a referbished one. and if u dont care than just go with the playstation3
  • When thats happens hold down on the restart button, let go when the light turns red then quickly hit the restart button again. That is what i worked out to do after the same sort of thing happened to my PS2. If that doesn't work just take it to a gaming store, they should do something about it.:)
  • open the ps2 you will see a white weel some like a gear thing over the lazer unscrew it and wash it off and put it back in and it will work brand new the same exact thing happed to me
  • Sounds like the lazer needs attention. I would use these as some referance Hope these are of some help.
  • hey, i have a big-time prob with my PS2...when ever i insert a disk, the flash screen will flash and then nothing happens...i tried many other games...still it doesn't seem to work..even DVD movies..they won't play as well...could anyone help me with this prob of mine?
  • It is possible that the disc drive ring, which is made of a black rubber-like material could be contaminated, and may need cleaning. This can be done by first disconnecting the PS2 from its power source, as a safety precaution. The drive ring is located around the hub that you place a disc on. Remove any disc, then using a damp, not wet cotton swab soaked in a mild soapy water solution gently clean the top surface of the drive ring. Use another cotton swab dampened with plain water to remove any left over soapy residue. let the drive ring air dry for a few minutes. This may fix your problem. There also are commercial cleaners designed for this type of thing and you may want to check into this.
  • This happened to a game i bought, i replaced it for a new one and yet again the same thing, But it had nothing to do with cleaning the console i pressed something and the game started to load, i just can't remember what i pressed!!
  • this is happening to me to except only with 2 games nba live 06 and msrch madness 06, on both of these cds there seems to have develeped a ring around the area t he lazer reads it are these games just damaged cus nba live just doesnt start and march maddness eventually freezes during gameplay what are the reasons
  • This once happened to me also. I was thinking of turning in to a repair shop but I just decided to get another ps2. But if I were you I would take it to a repair shop.
  • Some of the new games, such as RockBand are dual core disks - which means 2 disks in 1. the older model Ps2's do not read this. must buy a new ps2 or try to call sony and demand an upgrade - if you're lucky they will do for you for $50.
  • I had the same problem with my PS2. Can you see the disc turn briefly when you perss the eject button? If so then it might be the lens of the laser scanner needs cleaning. If the disc is still as the lid is opening (like mine was) I found the problem was the battery inside that holds the date & time was weak and causing the error. I removed the battery and have been running great since. The only drawback is the date & time resets every time the power is disconnected.
  • I suffered this same problem on one of my games. I simply fixed it by putting in a different game to test, letting it load, then cutting it off and restarting. I then put in the game I wanted to play and it worked perfectly.
  • try to start the game by keeping the console upside down(you won't believe it but trust me):)
  • i've had the same problem but by open the ps2, do u mean open the disc area or take the pannel on the left off. and if u hav 2 take off the pannel then how to u take it off. one last thing, where's the battery? this also happens w/ all my games.
  • I have the same probelem the im trying to play MK Armegedon and ill go to arcade mode and itll show all the fighters that you have to fight and once it goes to the loading screen the screen gos black im getting pretty tired of it doing that it seems like the ps2 is being picky on what it plays i dont know whats wrong with it and Armegedon is not the only game it does it to and the disk isnt that badly scratched so i dont know? and i dont see a white wheel its the thin ps2 not the thick.
  • If the disc isn't turning, take the cover off of the PS2. Then take some kind of hook and scrape it under the motor. There is sometimes hair in it, stopping the motor from spinning.
  • Disc error trying to load Ps2 games on my Ps2
  • Try using compressed air or air in a can to thoroughly clean the laser eye.
  • omg! The idea about flipping the ps2 upside down worked! My disk wouldn't play at all, now it's playing fine! I wonder if this is a temporary fix tho! who cares! It works! LOL!

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