• Owls can see in the sunlight. They have amazing irises, the colored part of the eye thar controls how much light enters the eye, it can go from closed to less than a pin point to open almost the entire visible part of the eye. Nearly all the owls have been observed hunting in the day time. At night hearing plays as big a part in hunting as vision. There are even "daytime" owls. The pygmy owl of the US Western desserts spaends as much time hunting in the day as at night. The Burrowing owl of the US plains is almost 100% daytime. When I was a kid there was a prairie dog town just a short walk away. That's where the burrowing owl lives, they don't burrow, they live in the dog's burrows, I used to watch the owls standing on the burrow rims and fence posts, they got real long legs for an owl, and all a sudden swoop off and catch some rat or somethin.
  • Yes. Excellent, as notmrjohn said. I'd like to add, because owls have that incredible hearing [the ears are just holes in the head, but the feathers make a 'plate' shape on the front of their face, directing all the sounds into their ears, they can find prey beneath the snow, whether they can see it or not.
  • i dont see why not

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