• Not usually. It depends on the ingredients. I used to use a shampoo with egg in it and also used a conditioner with beer in it and those did come with expiration dates. Most even contain a preservative of some type. Shampoos and conditioners do not usually expire, however, they can dry out over time. A lot of hair care products contain alcohol or other ingredients that evaporate. Once those ingredients evaporate, the shampoo or conditioner becomes hard like a bar of soap and at that point should be discarded.
  • Every product in the world has an expiration date for a reason. Just because a shampoo or conditioner make look, act or smell the same doesn't mean it will work the same. Consider this, would you use an expired medicine and have the same expectations of it helping you as you would with one that is new? As a stylist I always have peoples best interests in mind and helping people learn about products is not only my job, but something I am adament about.
  • yes, but not everything in the world has an exp date

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