• Once a girl in my class, sat up on the table in front of me with a really short skirt and spread. I was shocked at first but then took in the view
  • A very good looking and smart woman asked for a pen, then a piece of paper, then wrote her name and number on it and tucked it in my shirt pocket. .
  • A woman (drunk) once grabbed me by the crotch and kissed me. She was pretty cute, but I wasn't in the mood to be surprised like that.
  • burned me with a cigarette
  • once me and 2 friends (1 guy 1 girl) were just hangin out in my house, and the girl started getting pretty damn friendly... she went as far as licking my ear out. unfortunately, the guy didn't take the hint. . sucks, cos nothing ever happened w her again. i consider it one of the greatest missed opportunities in my life.
  • a guy grabbed my ass and then licked my cheek before turning to his friend and saying ' ohh he tastes better than he looks hahaha' would have been hot....if I were gay....and if my wife hadn't been beside me to witness it and forever slag me about it.
  • would u believe it only a peck on the cheek although she was in a relationship so i respect that

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