• it is not a turn-on if the driver is killed.
  • It doesn't turn me on at all. In fact it upsets me even if I am not the one involved.
  • I don't know... but you just can't look away. I think it's the fact that you want/have to know what happened. It's fun to tell your friends, 'hey I saw this car crash on highway 218 and...' People like to be informed, mostly for gossip, but still.
  • There was one about 4 feet from mme today. I was walkin along a sidewalk, heard a loud screech behind me and then the "Crumphsch" and I turned around and I could have leaned over and touched it if I didn't have my laundry in my hand. Come to think of it, it was kind of a turn-on. Crap. i just disproved my own answer....:-(
  • Have you read or seen 'Crash'? That could help you understand a bit more. I suppose the reason that some people are aroused is because it makes them feel alive - in a split second, they (or someone else) could have died, but they didn't - it's an adrenalin rush, but for some reason the adrenalin rush becomes associated with sex rather than just, 'Oh my God!' or 'I almost died!'
  • To me, car crashes are not even close to a turn on. CAUTION: LIFE STORY I was in the car one day on my way back to my house (my mom was driving [I'm 14]) and all of a sudden, I hear the screech of wheels and the loud crash, like the sound when you throw a baseball at a window and it breaks. There my memory goes black. The next morning I wake up in my bed at home. My mom said that I had blacked out because of the pain in my right hip. I had already been to the ER and I was in a cast from sholder to knee on my right side. The doctor said I was ok. The really scarry part was when I found out what had happened to the other driver. The guy was 26 and was on his way to the 7-11 down the street when he spunn out. He had recently been hunting and a lirge calibre gun had gone off in his pickup bed. The bullet hit the gas tank and blew up the car. What was left of the truck hit my door. The driver died along with two other passengers he had with him. They were both little girls under the age of 12. After all of this happened, I couldn't stop crying for at least 4 days. I attended the funeral 6 days after the crash. The wife of the driver (Betty) was all in tears. She tried to pay for my medical bills, but instead my mom refused and paid her $5,000 to help her get her life back together. The immage of the dead driver's face pressed up againsed a broken windshield will always haunt me for the rest of my life. END OF LIFE STORY Car crashes are nothing to be turned on by, instead one should be sad for the victems of the crash.
  • For the same reason that people find dead people a turn on or incest a turn on, you get the point. If you find them a turn on, then get help coz IT'S NOT.

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