• When my sister's got together and left me out of my dads Will - Time Stood real still and I've been in shock since 2005
  • What a great question! Why is it languishing back here? :) I think I could go on and on talking about such moments. But I'll be merciful. One that comes to mind readily is the first time I walked up to the edge of the Grand Canyon... the world suddenly dropped away, and the enormity of what "all the fuss was about" became suddenly clear.... Such a huge gap in the Earth! It seems like the planet should just split wide open along that seam, undone by the Colorado River after 15 billion years. My mind totally stopped. It is beyond description.
  • It was one of the worst moments of my life, and time certainly stood still. I'll never forget it.
  • I felt like it still does sometimes. I felt like everything froze for a few seconds as it gave me time to think of something in situations. Then, the time would feel like normal again.
  • I was in the delivery room when both my sons were born. Both times it was a magical experience, specially the first one. To see that little guy finally there, to hear him cry and take his first breath was beyond description. Please forgive the sentimentality, but those moments are frozen in my mind forever.
  • My watch stopped once
  • Yes, twice and I will never ever forget, both times it was as if my life had ended.
  • When my daughter was born. Then again when my son was born.
  • When I saw my high school sweetheart again after 27 yrs. One look and time stood still then we were in ea. others arms and we are still together!
  • everytime i see this one person, everything goes into slow motion...its weird...even if i just saw him when we were passing each other going down the road for a split second, i'd still be able to remember every detail
  • Yes when my mom had her brain surgery, it lasted almost 9 hours but it seemed like a week.
  • My first love and I had snuck on to private property to stand on Lover's Bluff, a grassy knoll jutting out into the ocean, ending in a small rocky cliff. We stood there just before the sun set, and the wind was blowing our hair. We were looking into each other's eyes. Later he told me that's when he knew he loved me. I don't drive the road the passes it anymore, because I can't stand to remember.
  • Yes and it seemed like there was no need for it to go on.
  • The only one I can recall was when I had my rock climbing accident. I had jumped down a small ledge, but I had too much forward momentum and just kept going...right over the next (much higher) cliff. Right when I was in the air, I remember thinking 'Oh shit, Oh shit!' - I was frozen in mid air it seemed. Next thing I knew - I was laying on a sandy piece of rock - with two broken ankles and a broken back :)
  • A few actually. . . My grandfather had been ill, but the first time I saw him in the hospital I knew he was going to be gone soon. I stood cemented on the floor until a nurse saw me and took me out of the room before I fainted. He died a week later. I remember a time when my cheek rested comfortably on the chest of somebody I dearly loved. I was more content in that singular moment than I had ever been or will ever be again in my life. When my mom told me she had cancer again. My blood had never run so cold. It was awful.
  • I've had a few, none of them good, but they were like everything stopped and like for a moment or two, nothing existed but the spot where I stood. Crazy how that happens isn't it?
  • kissing a boy i really liked in the rain. lol after we found out he left his lights on an the car was dead. so we just made out till we saw someone that could help
  • It feels like it's always standing still Babycakes.
  • Yeah there was and it feels like I'll never stop being stuck in that moment.
  • Yep, but it's depressing, and I'm trying to move on. Sorry. :(
  • Yes I have. When I was in Colorado I felt exactly like that. It would come and go, but it felt like time stopped for long periods. And the world was just spinning around and around. (not in a drunk or dizzy type way, thought I'd clarify that.)
  • I've certainly gone into a grand funk or two. I would bury myself under books for days and finally realize that bills need to be paid, garbage needs to be taken out, the refrigerator is empty and so is my car's gas tank.
  • only in my memory

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