• Tubular exhaust headers are a popular upgrade amongst Chevy truck enthusiasts. The benefits of headers are well documented, and can drastically improve the performance and versatility of any truck.


    An exhaust header replaces the engine's stock, cast iron exhaust manifold(s) for increased exhaust gas flow.


    Exhaust headers are essentially a set of hollow tubes attached to an exhaust manifold flange on one end and a "collector" on the other. It forms the link between a truck's engine and its exhaust pipes.


    Truck headers are often designed with longer and narrower tubes, which helps to increase efficiency and torque at low RPM. This is a benefit for trucks that need the increased torque for towing and hauling.


    Because they must fit into the confined spaces of a truck's lower engine compartment, headers must be designed for a specific engine and vehicle combination. Headers that fit an engine in one truck might not work the the same engine in another.

    Fuel Economy

    In addition to horsepower, exhaust headers can also boost fuel economy by helping the engine to run more efficiently.

    Source: Chevy Exhaust Header Tech Build Your Own Headers Header Design

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