• Laptop computers have revolutionized our work, play and communication. Gone are the barriers and constraints of time and space. Laptop owners control their lives in ways never before possible. Communications, entertainment, work and financial management have all become easier.


    Laptops save time. You can communicate with others or complete work without having to drive long distances to reach your home computer or office. You can meet deadlines more efficiently by having the flexibility of doing your work from virtually anywhere.


    Laptops are portable and come in a variety of sizes. Netbook/subnotebooks, ultraportables, thin and light, desktop replacement and luggables are some of the most popular size categories. Screen sizes range from 10 to 18 inches. Laptops weigh between 3.5 lbs. and 12 lbs.


    Laptops can have a positive effect on your life by making you more productive and efficient. Meeting deadlines for assignments and projects is easier because you can plug in and work from any location that offers Wi-Fi Internet access.


    Laptops can function as a daily planner or financial manager. They can work as an entertainment center for downloading music, videos and movies. Workers use their laptops to write reports and complete work-related tasks, spreadsheets and presentations.


    People who battle with addictive behaviors must resist the temptation to use the laptop to feed their addictions. Gambling, pornography and even the Internet itself has led many people to seek professional help.


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  • They give portability to the computing power of desktop and a bigger screen area than mobile or tablets.
  • Yes,100%.
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  • laptop is useful because it is a portable device, we can carry it anywhere and it has a big screen compared to mobiles or tablets...etc
  • cause you can take them somewheres if you need to

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