• Having an uncalibrated digital scale is useless, since you won't know if the weight it gives you is accurate. Depending on the type of digital scale you are operating, which can range from small counter-top scales to large bathroom floor scales, the calibration procedure will vary slightly. However, most digital scale calibration instructions are relatively intuitive and can be performed without a manual.

    Getting Ready to Calibrate

    Turn on your digital scale and wait about a minute. Be sure that you are using the proper power supply for your scale--probably an AC adapter or batteries. Once your scale is on, find the calibration button. Depending on the type of digital scale you own, the calibration button can be labeled differently. Some of the most common calibration button indicators include: "Function," "FUN," "CAL," "MODE" or "LB/KG." When you've found the correct button, press and hold it down until "0", "000" or "CAL" shows up on the screen. Once you've got this showing, your scale should be ready for calibration.

    Performing the Calibration

    Most digital scales come with a specific calibrating weight. If you can't find this calibrating weight ,purchase another one from the manufacturer or the store where you originally bought the scale. Place the weight on your scale for around five seconds or until your digital scale's screen reads "CAL," "0" or "END." When this appears your scale has registered the weight and calibrated itself. Before using your now-calibrated scale turn it off for about a minute. When you turn it back on it will be ready to weigh accurately.

    Some Troubleshooting

    If you are having trouble calibrating your digital scale, and you don't have the hard copy manual available, try searching online for a model-specific manual or other relevant calibrating instructions. has a wealth of information on this topic, including a user forum in which participants can post questions and discuss issues. If you still have questions about your digital scale take it to an electronics shop. One possibility is that your digital scale could be malfunctioning, and you may have to send it back to the manufacturer for a new model or a rebate.


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