• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: It Is Okay if Worn for Prayer

    It is okay to wear a rosary around your neck, so long as you are wearing it for prayer, according to the Life Teen website. Life Teen is an international Catholic movement that provides resources about the church to teens. Anyone who knows the six easy prayers can pray using a rosary. You do not even have to be Catholic, according

    On the Other: It Is Not Okay If Misused

    According to Life Teen, Madonna made wearing the rosary as a necklace popular in the 1980s. The problem was that she was wearing it while singing about who she was going to sleep with next. Wearing the rosary as jewelry when you have no intention of praying is misusing it.

    Bottom Line

    Members of many religious orders, including Franciscans and Dominicans, wear rosaries in order to pray. As long as you are using your rosary to pray, you can wear it around your neck or your wrist, or you can keep it in your pocket.


    Life Teen: Wearing a Rosary

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