• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Plant Seeds Indoors

    Geraniums will flower between 13 and 15 weeks after sowing, on average. If you want your plants to flower in the spring, start them indoors in early to mid-February, or about three months before the last chance of frost in your area if you're planning on transplanting them outdoors. According to Alice B. Russell, a horticulture specialist with North Carolina State University, it can be helpful to scarify (scratch the outside of the seed) before planting to help the seed take in water. Geranium seeds thrive when kept moist and warm (65 to 75 degrees) and when provided with supplemental florescent light.

    On the Other: Transplant Outdoors After Last Frost

    Geraniums tolerate transplantation well, and can be planted outside once they have their first set of leaves and the danger of frost has passed for your area.

    Bottom Line

    Since geranium seeds are generally started indoors, plan on sowing your seeds about three months before you would like to have a flowering plant. When planting outdoors, wait until all chance of frost has passed.


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