• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Go Bold With Autumn Color Paint

    Maroon carpet is easier to coordinate with other colors than you might think. Maroon appears naturally in autumn foliage. The colors that make up the leaves alongside the maroon are colors that go with maroon. Harvest gold, hunter green and brown are paint colors that accentuate maroon. Almost any shade of gray paint will also go with your maroon carpet.

    On the Other: Keep It In The Maroon Family

    Another paint color that goes with maroon is maroon. The different shades of maroon work well together. The shades of maroon start from white with just a hint of maroon in it all the way to the other spectrum of a black with a maroon tint to it. You have hundreds of shades in between these from which to choose.

    Bottom Line

    If you do not want your walls to have just the colors of autumn and you want to get away from maroon as much as you can, go with white. Use white as a secondary color with your maroon carpet and then pick a color such as gold or green for an accent color for just one of the walls.


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  • Grey and silver go very well together. Add some darker grey or black for accent.

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