• No one enjoys paying taxes. What is almost equally frustrating is waiting for your tax refund to come in the mail. In Minnesota, it takes 35 days to process electronic returns versus 90 days for paper returns. You can check the status of refunds directly with the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

    Checking Status

    Checking the status of your Minnesota state tax refund is simple to do online at When you go online, a "where's my refund?" page requests your Social Security number as well as the year you are inquiring about a refund. You can request income tax, property tax and amended refund options. You will also need to provide the amount you are owed. Keep in mind that you should only proceed with an online search if you are on a secured Internet network since you are providing personal information. Refunds are available through check or direct deposit. Be sure to check your bank account for the direct deposit. If for some reason the direct deposit fails, you will be sent a check instead. If you have moved, you will need to contact the Minnesota Department of Revenue with your new address to make sure the refund check is sent to the appropriate address. Checks are valid for two years from the date of issue.

    Offsetting Debt

    Minnesota may use your refund proceeds to pay off other income tax debts you may owe. In addition, other claims may be held against your refund including unpaid child support, alimony, student loans, federal taxes or traffic fines. If you haven't received your refund and are aware of other debts you have, this may be where the check has gone. If an agency has collected your entire tax return based on debt your spouse is liable for, you will need to contact the agency directly to reclaim your half of the tax return.


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