• A print server, according to Microsoft Windows Server 2003, allows for people to print to one of several printers managed by a computer on the network, but does not allow others on the network without permission to administrate files in the print queue.


    A print server allows for multiple printers to be connected to a single computer acting as a server. This computer then assigns files to printers to print as they go, allowing for quicker printing of items sent to the queue. It can also allow for multiple computers to be connected to a single, shared printer.


    A print server can work with other network servers in a large office to handle print demands. Often times, the print server can be located on the network's main server instead of a separate server.

    Office Use

    Large and small offices often use print servers to manage and maintain printer queues. Small offices will often have several computers that send to one printer while larger offices will have many computers sending to the print server, which will then assign it to various printers to perform the printing. Print servers in the office environment improves efficiency because there is less time waiting for a printer to print products.

    Home Use

    A print server can be useful at home as well because it allows for there to be one central printer with multiple computers printing to it. So, if there are three people connected to a central printer, they don't have to move the printer from computer to computer to print what is needed. Instead they just send it to the print server and it will print for them.


    The ultimate end-goal of a print server is to make sure there is a printer available for anyone who is wanting to print off documents. If a printer is shut off, or out of ink, the print server should automatically move the job to a different printer to keep the process running smoothly.


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  • A print server connects the printer with the client computer over the network. Then it is accept the print job from the computers of the client and then send it to the appropriate printer.
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