• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: A Popular Pest

    According to the University of California Integrated Pest Management Program, there are 12,000 species of ants worldwide. Ants are a leading household pest. Though they live outdoors, ants enter buildings to locate necessities, such as food and water. Ants can enter a home through cracks or other openings, or, more problematically, by burrowing their way in through the structure.

    On the Other: Negative Impact

    Ants that enter a home via burrowing can, in extreme cases, weaken the structure to the point of collapse. A more common concern is the health risks ants pose. Some ants can cause painful bites, and select species, such as the fire ant, actually sting. Additionally, all ants can contaminate food by getting into unsealed containers. Ants attract more ants via their excrement, and ants will leave an excrement trail from the food source all the way back to their nest.

    Bottom Line

    There are no benefits to ants entering a home, and there are several negatives. Thus, ants in the house are bad. Several do-it-yourself or professional options exist for dealing with ant infestations.


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  • Are spiders in the house really bad? Are cockroaches in the house really bad? Are insects crawling through your pantry and across counters and getting into foods really bad? Probably not if you are a hoarder
  • Only the ones who commit crime.
  • Having ants everywhere outdoors doesn’t bother me. But when I see them trailing along the kitchen countertops I become crazy!!!!! But Ants are also some of the most social animals on the planet, with a highly developed “language” of scents and hormones patterning their habits and signaling their movements to the rest of the colony. So, you should decide would you share your dinner with ants or not! I read a lot about ants and other bugs in this article
  • They are down here! We have fire ants and they bite AND sting! They got in my bed, WITHOUT PERMISSION! I thought about serving them an eviction notice, but I don't think they can read! Guess I'll have to call management for extermination services. I can tolerate spiders, but I don't like fruit flies, roaches, scorpions, ticks, ants, or even house flies - you know they are the first to get to you when you die.
  • Yes, ants are pesky insects. They are members of the family of social insects. When you accept them in your home, the risk of ant bites can have negative effects and risks to cause allergies such as anaphylaxis.
  • Ants belong outside, not inside. I'd say inside is not at all preferred. They can make a mess of your woodwork (they are almost as bad as termites), they will get into your food and spoil it, and they are just generally a nuisance. I don't see any upside to having them inside, unless your house is over-run with aphids.

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