• Your garage door opener and the remote associated with it provide access to your garage. Because of this, these systems must offer a certain level of security. This is done with a security code built into the remote and door opener which can be customized by the individual homeowner.

    Access the Code

    The method for changing the security code will vary from one model to another, depending on the age of the unit as well as the manufacturer. In some of the newer units, the access codes is changed automatically each time you use the device. It constantly rotates through the thousands of code combinations to prevent anyone from gaining access. Other units will require you to press a certain button at a certain time for a set period of time in order to reset the code. The more common and more manual models will have very small tabs which you will need to access in order to change the security code. These tabs, or switches, are located on both the door opener as well as the remote control. The tabs will normally be visible on the rear panel of the door opener. To access the switches on the remote control you will need to remove the cover.

    The Tabs

    Once you have access to both sets of tabs/switches it is just a matter of setting them to your preferred code. Normally each tab/switch will have three possible settings. You select a setting for each tab/switch by sliding it up or down. The number of switches will vary from one model to another. Most will have a minimum of eight tabs/switches. You will need to set the tabs/switches in both the remote control and the door opener to identical settings. Any variation or mistake will prevent the two devices from communicating. Once you have the settings the way you want, test the door to be certain all components are operating correctly.


    Remote Controls

    Setting the Remote Control

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