• The SS Atlantic sank in Nova Scotia on April 1st 1873. On the Rocks at Mars Head 565 passengers and crew died. There seem to be a very large amount of wrecks in canadian waters.
  • December 6, 1917 in Halifax harbour, there was an explosion as a French ship called Mont-Blanc and a munitions warehouse on land blew up. More than a thousand people died in the blast, with another thousand dying soon after from wounds. Nine thousand more were injured and maimed, yet survived, in the biggest man-made non-nuclear explosion the world has ever seen.
  • I forget the name of the ship but it was on one of the Great Lakes. It was a cruise ship that caught fire with the loss of several hundred lives. One of the main factors the fire spreading so rapidly was the layers upon layers of wood polish that had been applied on all the wooden surfaces through out the ship over many years.

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