• Incorporating your business has many advantages. Protecting your personal assets from business lawsuits, lower tax rates and the ability to obtain additional credit if necessary are three reasons why you should consider business incorporation. Incorporated businesses (profit and nonprofit) also enjoy increased credibility, which can increase sales and build customer loyalty.

    Business Name Reservation

    Reserve the name of your corporation by contacting the Corporations Division of the Georgia Secretary of State to ensure that no one registers the name while you are filing the articles of incorporation paperwork. There is a fee to reserve a business name. Include the reference number you receive after reserving the name when filling out Data Transmittal Form 227.

    Articles of Incorporation

    Submit articles of incorporation to the Corporations Division office. Articles should be submitted on a single sheet of 8 1/2 x11 paper. Corporations created as for-profit entities need to include the exact name of the corporation, principal mailing address of the business, number of shares the corporation has to issue, names and addresses of all incorporators and the name and address of the initial registered agent (corporation representative). Articles of incorporation must be signed by at least one of the incorporators or the filing attorney. To create a nonprofit corporation, include the exact name of the corporation, names and addresses of all incorporators, indicate whether the corporation will have members and include the statement "The corporation is organized pursuant to the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code." This document must be signed by one of the incorporators or the filing attorney.


    Send the original and one copy of the articles of Data Transmittal Form 227 and filing fee to the Corporation Divisions office. Most articles of incorporation are filed within one business day of receiving documents. Allow up to 12 days for processing, however. Publish a "Notice of Intent" in the local newspaper of record. Send this notice to the newspaper along with the publication fee no later than one day after submitting your articles of incorporation.


    State of Georgia: Filing Procedures for Georgia Profit and Nonprofit Corporations

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