• Police cars and other emergency vehicles use colored lights to signal that they are in fast pursuit to the emergency location. When drivers see these lights, they act immediately to make room for specialty vehicles and because this disrupts the flow of traffic, North Carolina drivers are limited to the colors of neon lights on cars.

    No Red Lights

    Drivers in North Carolina cannot add red lights, or any neon shade of a red light, to their vehicle. Red lights intended for cars sealed in the manufacturer's package are exempt.

    No Blue Lights

    Adding forward facing blue lights, pure or neon, after initial manufacturing, to personal vehicles in North Carolina is prohibited.

    Locations Prohibited

    Red and blue lights are unlawful inside and outside of a vehicle.

    Other Shades of Neon Lights

    Neon lights for ornamental adornments, such as ground effects, in colors other than red and blue, are permitted in the state of North Carolina as long as it is not a safety hazard.

    Repercussions of Inappropriate Lighting

    Failure to adhere to North Carolina vehicle lighting laws can result in a ticket with an accompanying fine.


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