• Belly fat can be somewhat resilient to regular diet and exercise, so even if you have a slim body and good muscle tone, it is still possible you won't have a flat stomach. If you want to get rid of that pouch, you need to incorporate a combination of healthy food choices, stomach trimming exercises and proper posture.


    The first step in flattening your belly is to modify your diet. Cortisol is a hormone that increases fat in the abdominal area, so you need to limit the foods that can increase the amount of cortisol your body produces. Avoid alcohol, which promotes cortisol production, and increase your fiber intake. Fiber will help you feel more full and will help to clear your intestines of built-up waste that causes the stomach to protrude.


    There are physical activities that can be implemented or eliminated in order to flatten your stomach. By quitting smoking, which is another contributor to excess belly fat, you can effectively reduce the size of your stomach. Smoking is an activity that contributes to cortisol production and those who smoke generally have more abdominal fat than nonsmokers. Incorporate aerobic exercise into your daily activity. By implementing 30 minutes to one hour of aerobic activity into your daily routine you can dramatically reduce your weight and help to expose stomach muscles that can be toned and defined for a flatter belly. Weightlifting or strength training three times per week will help to shape the muscles in your stomach and improve the appearance of a flat belly. Stand up while you lift weights, since this will cause your abdomen to exert more energy and develop muscle tone. Some fun and regular daily activities that also help to develop a flat belly are climbing stairs, bike riding, tennis, vacuuming and running. Participate in these activities whenever possible.


    You can swiftly improve the appearance of your belly by using correct posture. Sit and stand up straight to provide more room in your abdominal cavity. When you slump, you reduce the space for stomach contents, which leads to a protruding belly. Strengthen your upper body muscles, such as in your shoulders and chest. This will help you more naturally display proper posture and will improve the flat appearance of your stomach. Make sure that your feet can fully touch the floor when you are sitting. Incorporate a footstool, if necessary, to prevent slouching. This will keep your belly flat while you sit.


    Prevention: How to Flatten My Belly

    Get Rid of Belly Fat

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  • Depends on what you physique is like. In most cases it's just a matter of cutting your carbs and sugars
  • Regular exercise and healthy food.
  • By doing push aways several times each day. You know push away from the table.
  • Excercie, rowing ood!
  • Cardio and dieting
  • Wear a girdle. Even when you do targeted exercise for your stomach, it usually builds muscle tone under the fat, so it can actually increase the size of your waist to exercise your stomach. Its much more important to reduce fat overall. Eat healthy, exercise and don't worry about the little tummy pooch that IS SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. On women, anyway. Even people with 'washboard' abs don't have a "flat stomach."
  • I gave up meet and dairy and exercise more, everybody is different though but lots of cardio helps for sure.

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