• Wikipedia writes: The "modern" way of processing vegetable oil is by chemical extraction, using solvent extracts, which produces higher yields and is quicker and less expensive. The most common solvent is petroleum-derived hexane. This technique is used for most of the "newer" industrial oils such as soybean and corn oils. Another way is physical extraction, which does not use solvent extracts. It is made the "traditional" way using several different types of mechanical extraction.This method is typically used to produce the more traditional oils (e.g., olive), and it is preferred by most "health-food" customers in the USA and in Europe. Expeller-pressed extraction is one type, and there are two other types that are both oil presses: the screw press and the ram press. Oil seed presses are commonly used in developing countries, among people for whom other extraction methods would be prohibitively expensive. The amount of oil extracted using these methods varies widely, ============== Of course, there are concerns about the solvent method, which is why many health food stores, and some brand names stress that they use the natural method. Hope this helps.
  • try sqeezing the shit out of veggies

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