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  • you can use a torrent machine Like Utorrent ( I recommend) and A torrent search engine Like to find your favorite books then check this one And
  • Go to Much of the site just click and down load and some of the sites may be little complicated. Help about complicated site: If the file is hosted in some remote file sharing server you have to click on the site link and find Download button. If you find it click on it download will be started. If you are given the option to be member or free user click on the free options. It may make you wait for some random seconds don’t be bothered. Just wait a while. There will be download option. In some file sharing site you have to submit texts shown as image to make sure download is made by a human. I think you have learned this process in yahoo. Just to remind you if file is hosted in rapidshare you will not be able to download more then one file from your PC ip address for that day.
  • If you like SciFi, then go here: Eric Flint convinced Baen Books to establish this free library where authors have chosen to post some of their own books as a method of advertising. These are books by well known SciFi and Fantasy writers: Eric Flint, Andre Norton, Lois McMaster Bujold, Keith Laumer, Harry Turtledove...and many more. Check it out.
  • eBook site

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