• Obamacare wasn't a great idea and you guys KNOW that. You got in the way of us establishing a national health system just as EVERY DECENT COUNTRY HAS HAD TO DO. You made us keep the OBSCENE profit raping in the system. So we ended up with health care for all, but you rich people who already have more money than you can ever possibly spend, get to keep using a basic of life as a scam used for fleecing the country, charging THOUSANDS of percent more for things than they legitimately cost! You all better hope there's no God after all. I don't think you'd be going UP when you die, considering what you support. ...... As to your question, ALL politicians (both "sides") don't want the poor people insurance when they can vote themselves the luxury plan; and if Trump could replace this - with his idea of the same thing, but with millions uninsured and the rich getting tax cuts they don't deserve - you would of course see the republican politicians doing likewise. ............Now, why is it you people insist on using arguments that are so see-through and intellectually insulting? You knew this stuff. Your question is a trick, designed to fool people into supporting your evil team! ( EDIT: Don't take it personally. Hi. )
  • It was a terrible plan we couldn't afford. He knew it and so did they. That's why they voted to exempt themselves, as is usual for the ruling class in communism.

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