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  • between $1000 and $2000+ depending on grade, origin, seediness and demand(i.e. election year.)
  • About $1500.00, give or take a few hundred. Actually though, it would probably cost less when purchased by the pound. That estimate is based on quarter ounce prices. AND NO, I don't smoke weed.
  • For middle of the road it cost about 1000 here in Washington.
  • 36hun for some fire in Northern Cali
  • This year = $1600 in NorCal directly from the back-yard of the dude w/ the "green thumb"! ;-)
  • for sum kill shit of gpd, OG kush, white widow its 3-4 thou in the bay area based on which homie is tryin to cop off u
  • Anywhere from $800 to $4500, usually, depending on the quality and the dealer.
  • what on earth are you going to do with a pound of that?
  • 3.95 at wallmart :)
  • About $ 75 in michocan Mex. good quality.(de la buena)
  • even for some bomb ass shit with holy strand hybrids its 2000 max. these fucking idiots act hard like they know what the fuck their talking about. you dont get fucking ounce prices when you buy by the fuckin pound. stupid fuckers either dont know what their talking about, or got jewed out of mommy and daddys money.
  • about 500-700 im kentucky
  • answer 4's right, if your payin anymore than 2000, that means yer payin point fer point an ounce, and if yer sellin it yer gonna make no money. i dont care how good yer weed is i'd never pay 200 an ounce. fuck that shit
  • A pound of regular "Reggie" marijuana would cost 1600 cause it's 100 an ounce "zip" and there is 16 ounces in a pound. When buying by the poun most people will cut it to 100o even to get the shipment out faster. This price is only for when you messing with a "dealer". A grower usually charges 500-700 to sell it to dealers so the dealers van make profit. A pound of kind bud "kb" usually runs 2-3.5k if it's seedless, green Danky and stanky. Most growers sell for 8-9. I left out middies cause ts in the middle. That all depends on treatment, seed quanity, bid quality, and stockability -00ace
  • It would cost a nice prison. With a bed, toilet and strong cells.
  • you guys are way off, you cant take the price u would pay for a ounce and multiply it by 16... here are the prices i would pay. (reggie prices) pound-$600 half pound-$350 quarter pound-$225 ounce- $60-$80 quarter(quarter once)-$20-$25 if you act like you know what you are doing im pretty sure you can find someone who can get reggie for these prices if not lower. Just know the prices.
  • i dont know about u mother fuckers.....but down here in the golden state we got the best weed and pay top dollars cuz we ballers.....about $270-300 for an ounce...$1000-1200 for a quater pound and some between 3-4k for a whole pound....and thats bein real....CAlifornia GRown!!!!!
  • it just depend on how good the bud is if its reggie any were from 350 to 400 and for kronick any were from 1500 to 1600
  • I bought two pounds for 500 once
  • About 15 years?
  • 2500 here in MN
  • HERE IN <a href="" title="indianapolis" style="", class="stronglinks" target="_blank" />INDIANAPOLIS</a> A POUND OF REGULAR WEED WE CALL IT " FORTY OR LIME TIME "CAN RUN $700-$1000 THE MORE YOU BUY THE CHEAPER THEY GET QUATER POUND $255-$300 OUNCE-$80-$90 HALF OUNCE-$45-$50 QUAD-$30-$35 IT REALLY DEPENDS ON WHO YOU BUY IT FROM......
  • in New Zealand, around $3G
  • Wow, you guys are all retards or you're smoking some whack shit. In Northern California, where the best grows, an ounce of quality chronic is between $300-$350. At those prices, a pound would cost a touch over $4000, but a more likely price would be between $3000-$3500.

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