• Wearing contacts, especially for extended periods, can cause red eyes due to dryness or irritation. Eye redness is common because of allergies and other factors, but it might indicate ocular abrasions or damage when the redness is accompanied by pain or impaired vision.


    Red eye occurs when vessels on the eye's sclera, or white portion, become irritated. The presence of contact lenses, certain allergies, and dusty or dry air can trigger red eye. Excessive coughing or strain are among other causes.


    Many contact lenses prevent an eye's cornea from getting the oxygen it requires to remain healthy and lubricated. Using rewetting drops and removing contacts daily helps prevent dry, red eyes.


    Wearing contacts daily, or for extended periods, greatly increases the chance of red eyes. Over time, contacts develop protein buildup that may cause further irritation and infection, leading to conditions such as conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers or abrasions.


    Red eye may indicate further damage of the eye. If eye redness and sensitivity persists, an ophthalmologist should be consulted and contacts should not be worn.


    Preservatives found in many contact solutions play a major role in contact-related allergies. If symptoms such as red eye and itching occur, try switching to a preservative-free solution.


    Eye Redness

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