• While many parents are pleasantly surprised to be greeted with their newborn baby's thick head of hair, they may be puzzled to find that the hair eventually falls out. What causes hair loss in babies?


    Hormones present in the mother's body prolongs the growth phase of hair in both the mother and the child, producing thicker, longer hair.


    After birth, the hormones in mother and baby level off and allow hair to enter the resting phase, called the telogen phase. During this time, mom may notice that her hair slowly thins back to normal, while parents may notice that the baby's hair begins to fall out.


    Babies that sleep on one side of their head may first lose hair on the side that is down. Once in the telogen phase, the thin, silky hair may fall out easily in response to rubbing on the back or sides of the head.


    As a baby's hair grows back, the hair may look thicker and may have a different color or texture. Hair may regrow slowly in the side of the head that is down.


    There's little that parents can do to prevent hair loss in babies, though bare spots can be avoided by putting the baby to sleep on a different side each time if possible.


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