• Griddles make perfect pancakes, grilled cheese and a host of other foods. Portable griddles that are made for home use are powered by electricity, while most portable griddles built for commercial use run on gas.

    Compact Size

    An electric portable griddle is designed to be used on a table or countertop. They are generally no more than two feet wide. Portable electric griddles are ideal for those who do not have much stovetop space.


    Portable griddles, both those made for the home and for commercial use, are relatively inexpensive. An electric griddle costs $20 to $100, while a portable gas griddle costs around $1,000.

    Easy Cleaning

    Portable griddles designed for home use are often nonstick and can be immersed in water, making cleanup easy.


    Many portable griddles made today feature interchangeable cooking surfaces so that the griddle can be turned into a grill. Some, such as the Cuisinart Griddler, can be converted to a panini press. Others can convert into waffle irons.

    Ideal for Caterers

    Portable gas griddles are a good investment for caterers and professional cooks who do not have their own permanent kitchen space. They often come with a wheeled cart that folds flat for storage.


    Portable Griddle

    Electric Griddle

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