• Mexican coins vary widely in their valuation. Circulating Mexican coins are generally worth only their face value in pesos. Many, but not all, older Mexican coins--including pre-independence ones--have value as collectible items, depending on a number of factors. Finally, the price of gold and silver bullion coins minted in Mexico depends on the value of those metals.

    Circulating coins

    Few modern Mexican circulating coins (roughly from the 1980s), which contain no precious metals, command much of a premium over face value, with certain exceptions. For example, some modern error coins sell for a little more than face value, as do certain special issues, such as uncirculated specimens of the 13 five-peso bimetal commemorative coins issued in 2008.

    Older Mexican Coins

    Mexico has a long history of minting gold, silver and base metal coins, extending back well before independence in 1821, so the variety of Mexican coinage is enormous. An individual coin's value as a collector's item depends on scarcity, condition and demand by collectors.

    Coin Valuation: Part 1

    In assessing the value of an older Mexican coin, especially a gold or silver issue, or a possible rarity, first consult a standard reference on international coinage, such as the Standard Catalog of World Coins, available at bookstores, libraries or digitally on disk. Most coins will fetch relatively modest prices, so there's little need for professional assessment.

    Coin Valuation: Part 2

    If a coin seems to be quite valuable according to a preliminary search, have it appraised by a professional coin dealer, ideally one with some experience in Mexican coinage. Most reputable dealers will provide this service, with the understanding that they might make you an offer for the coin.

    Mexican Bullion Coins

    Mexico has issued both gold and silver bullion coins in the 20th and 21st centuries, such as 50 peso gold (about 1.2 oz.) or the silver Libertad (1 oz.). These coins mostly change value with the price of gold and silver on world markets.


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