• From the net. The amount of alcohol (liqueur) is so little it’s barely detectable. No declaration is required for imports because of this. You could not get tipsy from eating a 2 lb. box (about 900 grams). You might however, get sick from the amount of sugar and other ingredients in the chocolates. Ingredients of Mon Cheri brand chocolates Sugar, cocoa mass, whole cherries, liquor, cocoa butter, glucose syrup, vegetable fats, emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavoring. Fine Dark Chocolate contains cocoa solids. Side Note - The words liqueurs and cordials are used interchangeably. The Christian monks of the Middle Ages first developed liqueurs. They were developed to help the sick. The monks added secret combinations of honey, seeds, herbs, spices, roots, and bark to distilled-base spirits and offered them as remedies. I did come across a food/recipe page, which stated that recovering alcoholics should not have anything prepared with alcohol regardless of how little alcohol is present in the food.
  • Just take a couple of boxes and put them in a blender. Let me know. Add water.
  • It obviously is totaly dependent on your tipsy quotient, but as a rough guide approx 800 single Mon Cheri`s would equate to a single measure of alcohol so you can do the sums from that. It would be cheaper to fly to Amsterdam, visit a brown cafe & smoke yourself tipsy. Also a lot less fattening !
  • you'd get a stomach ache before a buzz.
  • II don't know, but I wouldn't mind finding out. Lol:)
    • Ice man
      lol This question is about 12 or 13 years old so I doubt there's any left, and if there were they'd probably be stale and taste like shit. : )
    • Crazychick
      Well, the poster of this question (originally called Salvar) can always buy me a fresh box. My birthday is later this month. I wouldn't mind a box of cherry liqueur chocolates for my birthday. Lol:)

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