• If you only bought it yesterday then don't do anything drastic. Just make sure everything is plugged in properly according to the instructions in the manual, make sure you are putting the discs in the right way up and laying them flat (sounds obvious I know, but it's always something obvious that is wrong), and if it doesn't read them then take it back to the store and tell them the problem. It is probably a faulty machine, so don't do anything that might invalidate the warranty/guarantee and prevent them giving you a replacement.
  • return it and get a new one...that is the best way to fix it if you bought it
  • I had the same problem, in the end i called sony and now they're sending a replacement. they are very helpful and speak in plain english yay! here is the no. 08705 99 88 77
  • There is no quick fix to your problem. Dont even dare to try to open up your PS3 to try to fix it, this will void your warranty. You just bought it yesterday so just bring it back for an exchange.

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