• Colds and flu can be difficult to treat. Many medicines can help, but they can cause drowsiness. However, herbal remedies are available. These natural remedies are not medically tested and should never replace conventional medicine.


    Taking garlic tablets or eating raw garlic may help relieve cold and flu symptoms. Garlic is a potent herb with many antiviral compounds that help fight infections and boost the body's immune system.


    Using onions in your meals can help fight illness. Onions have many of the same antiviral compounds as garlic.


    Sprinkling a little ginger on your meals every day may help combat colds and flu. Herbalists believe that ginger contains a dozen antiviral chemicals. Ginger is much less pungent than onion or garlic, making it easier to consume.


    Mixing mullein with tea can help create a powerful antiviral drink. Herbalists believe mullein contains many antiviral compounds. Drinking two or three cups of this may help relieve cold or flu symptoms.


    Integrate goldenseal into your diet if you are sick. Herbalists believe it helps boost blood flow to the spleen. The spleen uses blood to create virus-fighting cells for your immune system.


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