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  • The diverse art produced throughout the vast area known as the Caribbean defies a singular definition. Mention the phrase "Caribbean art" and what usually comes to mind is the folk art of the islands.


    The vast area known as the Caribbean is roughly bounded by Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Straits, the Atlantic Ocean and the coast of South America. Diverse cultures of the region produce varied art objects.


    Self-trained artists (sometimes called folk artists) produce the styles of artworks most commonly characterized as Caribbean art.


    Folk art of the Caribbean usually reflects everyday events, people and objects. The art objects often show rich, tropical colors that are indigenous to the islands.


    Recycled materials, metal, wood and paint on pressed fiberboard are frequently used by Caribbean folk artists.


    Among the many kinds of art objects created by Caribbean artists are paintings, jewelry, sculpture, carvings and metal works.


    Trained artists in the Caribbean produce artwork similar to contemporary art found elsewhere in the world. While their artwork might reflect ideas of their region, the work is not necessarily classified as Caribbean art.

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