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  • Some people say you just know, but I would disagree. I suggest that you take a first response test 10 days after you had intercourse. Then if it comes back positive get the blood test to be sure. First response tests are very accurate.
  • Well, I wasn't trying to get pregnant any of the times I got pregnant, but I knew right away with every one - even before my period was to be late. With the first pregnancy I wasn't really totally sure, but subsequent pregnancies there was never a doubt in my mind. The symptoms were all too clear right from the start.
  • I actually was not trying to get pregnant. I didn't know I was pregnant until almost 3 1/2 months; I had quite a bit of energy, and was excited.
  • I knew with both of my kids, before I was even suppose to miss my period. Especially the first time around, I knew like that following week, lol. And with the 2nd one, I knew about 2 weeks after. You just know. I wasnt trying with either of them. Now I am trying and I hope it doesnt take forever. Good luck to you!!

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