• maybe because there are no ethnic characters in the book. and the directer wanted to stay as close to the book as possible?
  • The orcs, goblins wheren't white. Seems to be that way in a lot of fantasy stuff that involve those races in LOTR. Why? my guess is teh writers are your typical nerdy white guys. You write what you know I guess. *shrug*
  • Why does everything have to have bits of everything in to keep everyone happy? I am no racist but I think that people write too much into things when there is no need. I am sure there is no race hate motive behind this if it is the case. And in that case does it really matter. I can't think of any white actors in the cosby show but I still found it funny.
  • The movies reflect the books. In the "Lord of the Rings" Tolkien was creating a mythology for England; he lamented that other countries had their own mythologies, such as the Scandinavians, Greeks, etc., so here he created his own mythology for Britain. Thus by definition the characters must be people of English or northern European ancestry.
  • Sure there was ethnicity. Six different races. Dwarf, Elf Man, Istari, and Hobbit. (In reality, the Easterlings looked pretty ethnic to me.)
  • the stories of middle earth do not rotate around races but regional folks and folk tales. there are plenty of so called ethnic groups and if you read the descriptions some from what we could relate to the upper middle east. as for actors in the movies, there were plenty, but just not seen as such. most of the urukai where actually maori stuntmen. they have the build. then of course there was the actor that played frodo in the wide shots. he was indian.

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