• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Till the Baby is Full

    Infants will not continue to eat once they get full. So if you are breast-feeding and there is no way to measure how much the infant is getting, simply allow her to nurse until she stops. The same goes with a bottle; you can't force an infant to take in more than he needs, so follow your baby's lead.

    On the Other: Doctors Recommend

    Doctors and pediatricians recommend about 4 oz. at every feeding for infants, but again, you can't make an infant eat. Preparing a 4-oz. bottle is wise, but many times your infant might fall asleep or simply stop nursing before the entire bottle is gone. A general guideline is to offer nourishment to an infant every three to four hours. Your baby will develop a feeding schedule that will allow you to keep track of how much the baby is ingesting daily.

    Bottom Line

    Each infant is different, some require more nourishment to thrive, others less. Adapt your feeding to the demands of your infant and you won't go wrong. Keep an eye on the baby's energy and activity, monitor the weight gain and don't fret if your baby only has 2 oz. every feeding or if your baby wants more after 4 oz. They know and will let you know when they are hungry.


    Dr. Wendy K. Westfield, M.D.; Louisa, Va.

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