• Men over the age of 40 who are beginning new relationships are looking for a companion to help them navigate through the next phase of their life. They are not demanding perfection but do have clear needs and expectations. They probably have been through at least one marraige before and now understand themselves and their partners better. They want to have a companion who can help them enjoy the fruits of their labor as they enter their most productive years and prepare to retire.


    Dr. Emerson Eggrichs, in his book, "Love and Respect," places respect as the number one need of men. A man whose wife tells him in words or deeds that she does not respect him steps on his air hose. He cannot live without her respect. He needs to know that she recognizes who he is and accepts his strengths and understands his weaknesses. Respect is acceptance of who he is and what he has worked all his life to achieve.


    Along with being respected, a man in his 40s wants to be admired. He wants to know that his partner looks up to him and is proud to be seen in public together. When they are at a social event, he is energized when he hears her talking admiringly about one of his recent achievements or a thoughtful action he recently did. He wants her to admire him in all aspects of his life, professional and private.


    He has worked hard to get where he is and wants a partner to enjoy the ride. Having fun together helps him feel younger and forget about the grey hair that he tries to ignore or his not-so-athletic waistline. Going to sporting events, concerts or a quick weekend getaway can help him return to work on Monday revived and energized to make his mid-life years very productive.


    Although men traditionally have been thought of as non-communicative, he needs to talk once in a while and have someone truly listen. Not all the communication needs to come in verbal form. A timely smile, hug or hand run through his hair as he reveals his plans, dreams, fears and frustrations goes a long way in building bridges of trust. He needs a competent confidant that he can share ideas with and get timely and trustworthy advise.


    Physical intimacy is very important to a man in his 40s as well. He needs to be in a secure relationship with a partner who realizes that he is no longer 25 but still wants to be attractive and desirable. He wants his partner to communicate with him about how to make intimate moments enjoyable and satisfying to them both. He needs an understanding partner who does not expect a perfect performance every time but loves and supports him unconditionally.


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  • Someone who makes them feel 18 again. Or at least make them think their tired old asses are 18 again.
  • A supportive relationship in which they can just be who they are without having to question themselves.
  • Sex, beer and to be in charge of the remote control....

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