• Funeral expenses are something that you may not want to think about. But it is important to know how much a funeral will cost so that you may prepay for your own or avoid overpaying for a loved one's funeral.


    Casket prices vary by materials and design. The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) lists the average price for a metal casket at $2,255.


    The cost for funeral services depends on the service type. A traditional funeral with viewing costs an average of $3,940 without the casket and vault costs, according to the NFDA.

    Cemetery Plot

    The cost for a grave can be vastly different among cemeteries. Forbes magazine lists the average cost of a grave at $4,000. If the cemetery requires a vault, the NFDA estimates you will pay $1,128 more.


    Gravestone prices can vary from hundreds of dollars to many thousands of dollars, depending on the material and design.

    Ways to Save

    With the casket, funeral, grave, and gravestone, the total average funeral cost is more than $11,000. To save costs, you may want to consider a basic funeral or cremation. U.S. military veterans may qualify for free burial in a national cemetery.


    National Funeral Directors Association


    Gravestone Cost

  • WAY too much and people seem to think they are necessary. They are not! Burying people is not sustainable or practical and it really doesn't make sense. A cremation is much cheaper but donating the body to science is completely free and they take care of everything (like the death certificate). Then have a memorial in a park or somebody's back yard.
  • Quick note: Costco sells caskets MUCH cheaper that funeral homes and delivery time is quick.
  • I just buried my Mother in Law...$15,000
  • I just paid $15,000.
  • We just buried my MIL. $15,000

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