• Whether restoring an antique vehicle or having a damaged car repaired, quarter panels may need to be repaired or replaced. Where is the left rear quarter panel, and what does it do?


    Car quarter panels are placed at each corner of the vehicle. The job of a quarter panel is to provide aesthetics, prevent oxidization of interior components, provide structural integrity to the exterior of the car, and allow simple replacement and repair in the event of damage.


    The rear quarter panels on a car run from the front of the door to the back bumper, from the bottom of the car or wheel well and up the side of the car, between the back window and the rear window. The left quarter panel is located on the driver's side of the car, or on the left of the trunk when the car is viewed from behind.


    The left rear quarter panel houses the wheel well, supports the trunk and covers body of the car. In case of damage in a fender bender or accident, the entire quarter panel can be removed and replaced.


    Replacement of the rear quarter panel is usually recommended when the damage exceeds a small scratch or dent that can be buffed out.


    A repair shop may need to remove the panel to perform repair. After repair, the panel will be welded back into place.


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