• No, it doesn't, because there isn't only so much money in the world.
  • The world's money supply is not a fixed sum, but a measure of goods, services, resources, investments, labor and productivity. The flow of money actually creates more dollars for use by all. Otherwise, we'd all hold onto what we have, for as long as we could resulting in rapid inflation. If it were a fixed sum, the whole world would be getting poorer, as we would have no more money than existed in the 1900's.
  • Generally, yes. One side must profit from another, some may argue that you can make your own money but doing so lowers its value, therefore you are not actually wealthy. There can also be an equal trade though, give us your oranges and we'll send you lobster. The majority of the time though, there is no equal trade.
  • No. Dig up a diamond, strike oil, discover value in something others can't see and many can profit.
  • sounds like it

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