• Well, all you do is add some dog food and then add mostly human food. Then each day, reduce the amount of human food you add in and increase the amount of dog food. Soon it will gradually learn to like dog food! Human food should always be used as a treat!
  • Why not just cook food for your dog. There are wonderful recipies online and it is a lot better for your dog as well. That way neither one of you will have to hide.. LOL.. It is cheap as well.
  • Ideally, you DON'T! Dogs are designed to eat and digest RAW MEATS, 80%, BONES, 10% AND ORGANS, 10%. This is a species appropriate diet for dogs, cats and even ferrets...although I'm not 100% sure of the percentage ratio for ferrets, that you would need to research on one of the sites, that I'll provide. RAW feeding usually results in a healthier dog, and reduces Vet bills. It also reduces the amount of waste your dog poops out as almost all of the nutrition is USED by the dog, so there is less poop! COOKED BONES (all of them) are DANGEROUS. Cooking makes them brittle and causes them to splinter into SHARP SHARDS! Bones you buy from Pet Stores have been cooked or heat treated and ARE potentially dangerous to feed. RAW BONES ARE SOFT (for a dog) and crunch right up. Raw Chicken bones are actually the softest of all! Also, if you join you local Freecycle group, you stand to SAVE MONEY Feeding Raw! I save a lot of money feeding Raw, thanks to Freecycle members! You have nothing to loose by becoming informed...check it out! IF the photos will is my Search and Rescue dog, Hannah working on a FREE deer neck, this past spring...(she is a Shepsky) and then, little Patch our Parson's Jack Russ, eating from the same neck bone...they LOVED this! (Smaller meals, like a chicken thigh for Hannah and the cut off leg for Patch, they eat inside the kitchen.) OH and Saylore, our youngest cat with his first chicken leg...note Hannah praying we will be struck deaf and blind (temporarily) so she can STEAL THE KITTEN'S DINNER! lol, silly dog!

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