• To all those who may still run across this: Clove cigarettes will make you high if you smoke them right. There's a definite technique to it. Cloves contain eugenol. Just inhale as much smoke as you can, hold it in for about a second and SLOWLY exhale through your nose. Its the smoke going through your nose that really does it because it gets the effect right to your brain. Also note that its only going to work through your first few puffs. Your body builds up a quick tolerance and you won't get any affect after that until a few hours have passed. I suggest smoking through a water pipe. Hope that helped.
  • can smoking ground cloves get you high?
  • Not if you're a daily smoker. If you take a puff here and there you'll get a light headed buzz but nothing like you would from tai stick or the like.
  • Extasay cigarettes will give you a good head rush and a high feeling, but it won't last long
  • I smoked them for many years and never got anything more than numb lips. However, they make your lips taste like cloves to both you and anyone that kisses you. So, in the 70s, I used to smoke them in bars and use the discussion of them to break the ground to a first kiss.
  • Any smoke inhalation gets you "high," like a house on fire or even chemical fumes for that matter. They lessen the oxygen in your brain, which makes you light headed and loopy. Cloves are less effective at that than cigarettes which do the same thing. But with all drugs from alcohol to heroin, the reason that you are high is because that lack of oxygen is killing of brain cells, and if a chemical is added, it too is killing off brain cells, so basically they hurt you and sometimes kill you. None of them are good for you, and studies have been done to show that Cloves are worse for you than cigarettes, but tobaco cigarettes are much more addictive so I don't know why. Maybe they just have more toxins. If a parent told you this it's 'cause they are bad for you, and if a friend told you that then the are not a stoner, they are still salvagable. I smoked both and tobacco gets you light headed more, but just like the other dude said you get a tolerance, even to medications the doctor gives you, and then you need to upgrade. I don't recommend any smoking because it totally ruined my singing voice and my stamina. I don't recommend any drugs because if you are sad and need to feel better they just escalate until you look twice your age. There is also a point of no return. If you can social drink alcohol and then not do it again for a long time, and stop before you black out or do something that you regret, then maybe that's okay, hey, red wine tannins at a glass or two can even help your system. But if you drink more each time, or smoke more each time, you need to stop or get help to stop. Addictive personalities can get addicted to anything, like spending too much money or having ramdon sex with strangers, so basically you need to get a grip on controlling yourself while you figure out if you have some deep rooted pissed off feelings. Besides all this, you can actually get high from exercising on the endorphins, so why not that?
  • No. But they can add to your buzz a little bit if you've been drinking a lot.
  • No... they make you queasy. Big difference! And... they make everyone else around you sick for the stink!
  • Not for me. I had a few a long time ago and they were way too sweet for my taste. Definitely not get me high.
  • The first and only one I ever smoked I had to pull over (I was driving) and I puked three times after the first drag. If you consider vomiting by the side of the road "getting high", the yes. They make you very high.
  • i've also heard that it numbs your throat just slightly...this i've heard from a guy who loves getting blow jobs lol...
  • No, but everyone is different so the best way to find out is to have one, if it gets you high then kick back and enjoy the ride and if it doesnt I guess you need to find something with a little more green in it!
  • I've never heard of them lol Are they anything like joints?

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