• Im not an American, im an Aussie...HI , But with public speaking as long as its not about a personal issue where I will be exposing who I am to ppl, I can just speak away freely, If its a little more personal...I will freak out!
  • There's a cartoon strip called Mr. Boffo. Actually I don't know know if it's still around but it was the number one favorite cartoon of prison inmates. One day there was a single planel cartoon of prisoners in a line at the end of which was a hooded executioner with an axe, a chopping block and a basket for the severed heads. One prisoner said to the other, "Suddenly I'm not the least bit scared of public speaking."
  • ..i could definitely do that..although i will be nervous..i like to work through that nervousness and it works for me..=) i hear myself talking as if i am having an outer body experience..+6
  • I actually love public speaking, and I'm pretty damn good at it. My number 1 fear is actually dentists... or dying alone, but public speaking doesn't bother me one bit.
  • I love speaking to large long as I know my material and feel passionate about it...I am ON!
  • I do get a little nervous at first, but once I'm up there, I have no problem -- comes with the job. One of the times I felt the most self conscious though was when I was addressing a group of men from Taiwan. I had to remember to stop talking periodically so the translator could translate -- and it was odd because they stared at my boobs the whole time.
  • As long as I'm talking about something I know I have no problem but that leaves not much to talk about.
  • haha its a sinch! lol i love public speaking my number one fear is needles i hate the god awful things! lol i think people are scared of what people think of them lol
  • I can now because I have to but I still hate it and when I was training we had to give a speech on video to a class of our peers which was terrifying. I stood with my back to the room until I had controlled my voice and my tears and then turned round and went into my speil I used an old trick I was told by bring into my talk (which I had made a rather silly complaint) some of the members of the audience .It helped the time pass and I got through ok. When they played it back I realised you can act it out and nobody needs to know just how afraid and nervous you are.
  • I have done it, but prefer not to speak in public scenarios.
  • I'm good at it. I get nervous but it's not my worst fear.
  • I have no problems whatsoever talking in front of people. I know I'm awesome so I have enough confidence in myself to not worry like most people do. And I can talk on any subject, even if it's something that I know nothing about.
  • i could do it if i had to but id rather not

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