• I didn`t follow this case too closely but I do believe that this Foxy Knoxy or whatever is guilty of something. She is somehow, however indirectly involved in the killing of Amanda what`s her name. When you go for foreign countries you have to be careful of what you do. She obviously wasn`t and is now paying the price. Poor girl.
  • I haven't paid to much attention to make an opinion on her guilt or not, I have heard that there wasn't a lot of evidence however. 26 years for murder isn't too long if she is indeed guilty.
  • i don't think she did it but hey i don't know all the details.the time given does fit the crime though.
  • I read about it and I think she and her little B/f are guilty......and I don't think any sentence for murder is too long
  • once something like that gets into the news your guilty weather you did it or not
  • I think it is bullshit. She was convicted by the European press which had a big influence on the outcome. She is innocent and I hope to hell they get it right at the appeal.
  • The sentence is not to long if she is guilty, but I have my doubts about that...+
  • Nice to see you're keeping bang up to date with the Breaking News,-Icy! It's certainly broken right over the heads of American Amanda and her Italian boyfriend. But I figured they were guilty,some time ago. The Ivory Coast drifter GUEDE has already been jailed for life for murder,for HIS part in the trio's conspiracy,and after that,as the 11-month trial dragged on,the chances of Amanda and Raffaele getting off looked slim indeed. And so it has proven. 26 years is a long sentence. I don't how it could be reduced on appeal.
  • It is sad that little attention is paid to the victim in this crime,Meridith Kercher the British student.If this was the conviction in the US the news say she would have gotten a life sentence,longer than she had gotten in Italy.With good behavior she could be out in 20 years.It is unlikely she will win an appeal for higher courts in Italy rarely appose the decision made in the lower courts.
  • It is known fact that most Italians have a dim opinion of Americans. What a shame this has happened in Perugia, or anywhere for that matter. She was guilty and had to prove her innocence instead of the other way around. I believe she was also used as a poster girl to warn Americans of their power. If there is enough publicity and if we could make a deal and have her case brought to America then she could get a fair trail. Most likely no one will intervene unless enough mail is received. This does mean I think she is guilty or innocent, I did not hear the case in the court room.
  • Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.
  • I think I have no where close to enough knowledge of the specifics to have an informed opinion. Having been found guilty {regardless if one agrees} from what I have heard of the case I don't think the sentence was excessive, if one some how has the knowledge to know or belief that she is innocent than of course it was too much. Does the fact that a male was also found guilty and received 25 years a concern to anyone -I don't believe he is an American, so no harm there? +5
  • Hell yeah, she's guilty, and no it's not too long.
  • I think she is and the sentence is not too harsh +5
  • I am not that familiar with the case ... BUT; IF she is , in fact GUILTY ; then the sentence was not too long , perhaps not even long enough .... BUT; I understand that she wasn't permitted to speak at her own trial and that does not seem right or just to me ... IF she is INNOCENT; then , of course, the sentence is too harsh .. she should be FREE ... +5
  • For murder case, it's not too long.
  • I know it's a shock to americans that a good looking girl can't get away with murder, or at least get a light sentence. Perhaps in Italy they go by their law and not the opinions of the media and special interest groups. In the US courts are giving serious time to first time drug offenders and guys like Michael Vick for dog rape. Pretty girls like some I won't mention ( simply because they make me sick) in celebrity land, can be repeat offenders for drugs, alsohol and public sex and do 36 hours with specual treatment.
  • I know next to nothing about it but I don't like her eyes. I see evil in them. Now, I wouldn't convict her just because of her eyes though.
  • She's guilty and how long is too long of a sentence for killing someone intentionally in cold blood by cutting their throat? +
  • the news didnt cover this case too well and i have no idea if the evidence was there or enough to convict her in the first place. if the evidence was there and proved her to be at guilt, then doom to her. but if there wasnt any evidence provided or lack of, then she should be free and tried when any new evidence proves its self against her.

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